SEPHORA COLLECTION – Rouge Cream Lipstick in Jealous 07

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This post is very different than my usual tangents, and involves two selfies and a lipstick. My face doesn’t make much of an appearance around here too often, so I thought I’d jog your memory in case you forgot what I look like. I’m even smiling.

The lipstick featured (on my face, hand and in it’s own glory) is my absolute favourite. My ‘HG’, or Holy Grail as the beauty bloggers will be down with. As girls, I think we tend to purchase an excessive (and obsessive) amount of lipstick; and out of all of them, maybe one or even two shades are worn down to a nub. These loyal nubs (once long thin lipsticks, full of promise and pigment) have experienced their fair share of coffee dates, bars, nightclubs and the dark recesses of ladies’ handbags. They have served us well.

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This Sephora Collection shade is my very favourite. It’s my go to colour throughout the year, as it complements the palest skin during winter months, and goes just as well with skin that has picked up a little bit of summer sun. It’s creamy, it’s lightweight, it’s build-able…and it doesn’t smell weird. I also stick it on when I wear nothing else of my face…running out the door looking like death. It definitely makes me look more awake and has helped me through more that a few ropey hangovers.

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 There I am sure. My first (and probably last) duck face.

I’m sad to say that my favourite lipstick of all time can’t be bought in Ireland, so I definitely stock up when I’m in Spain or France. Knowing my brother was going to Barcelona in early May, I sent him on a hunt for the HG, and he happily obliged. I wouldn’t say this is usual brother behaviour, but siblings are definitely more jovial on holidays and ready to buy you things. This should more than tide me over until I return to Salamanca for a week in July.

So yeah…if you have pale skin and you’re fond peachy coral hues, this lipstick is for you. It’s ridiculously flattering and just all around magical. Pick one up on holiday, you’ll make everyone jealous. (See what I did there?!)

SEPHORA COLLECTION – Rouge Cream Lipsticks are €10.95 each. $12.50 in the United States.



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