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Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 09.30.57(Perfectil Triple Active – RRP: €37.99*)

For a couple of months now, Perfectil Triple Active has been part of my morning routine. Perfectil is currently the UK’s number one vitamin supplement formula (comprising of micronutrients that include vitamin B12, vitamin C, zinc, niacin and biotin) that help maintain healthy hair, nails and skin.
I know Perfectil isn’t a newcomer to the market, and chances are many of you (if not all!) have heard of it already. I’ve seen many a Dublin Bus over the years with Louise Watt’s face plastered on the side (2007 Britain’s Next Top Model runner up) advertising the Vitabiotics multi-vitamin. But in all honesty; at the time my hair, skin and nails were in pretty good shape, so in I never really felt the need.
Fast forward to 2014, and all three physicality’s were looking a little worse for wear after the Christmas party season. Time was on my side here, as I discovered back in mid January that U Magazine were offering a 90 day Perfectil trial, so I jumped at the chance!

After taking Perfectil for some time now, here are my experiences with the product. On to the vitamins…

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 09.31.09Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 09.31.22

The tablets themselves are quite narrow and not too big, and you only take one once a day. Usually with supplements like these, you need to take one in the morning and evening. Usually by evening time I’ve forgotten, so I’m glad it’s something I can take in the morning and it’s done with. This made me stick to the 90 days with ease! The directions on the box suggest taking Perfectil once a day with your main meal; however I’ve taken this in the morning every single time, sometimes on an empty stomach and it never makes me nauseated or causes any unpleasant side effects, over short term or long term use.


About 4-5 weeks in, I started noticing a difference in my hair. When I suffer badly from eczema, alopecia creeps in, so I had some problems with my scalp. After a month of taking Perfectil, I noticed my hair was thicker and shinier. Small bald patches on my scalp were starting to lessen, and when I washed my hair and brushed and style it afterward, there was no fall out, whereas before I’d freak over the number of hairs that would snake down the drain. I found my hair a lot more manageable and smooth without having to run a straightener over it, and I didn’t have to wash my hair every other day anymore. It stayed fresh and clean for up to five days. My hair has grown out of the awkward middle length, and a sparse area in my left eyebrow from over-plucking as a teen has finally grown back!

The difference and improvements to my hair were by far the most drastic. The only downside (if you could even call it that…!) is having to sort my eyebrows every week instead of every second week as before. Nobody wants to look like Bert.



Since taking Perfectil, my nails are a lot stronger and grow a lot faster. I’ve put this to the test, because I peel them when I’m stressed (gross, I know..) and a couple of days later, they would have grown so much, coming back stronger every time. My nails also have a natural sheen off them now and nail wicks have softened.



The least amount of change I noticed when taking Perfectil was my skin. Although my complexion became slightly more even on my face and neck, my eczema remained dry and red in certain areas. Having said that, I believe a lot of my eczema issues are diet related, so I don’t feel that I can fairly judge Perfectil here. When I find what’s triggering my skin flare ups, keep it under control, and continue with Perfectil, it may make a difference to the quality and look of my skin with the proper diet.


Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 09.31.33

Speaking of diet…throughout my Perfectil trial, I didn’t change my diet in any way. I obviously ate and drank less heavy and rich foods after the festive season, but I eat out several times a week and consume my fair share of wine and cocktails, and that won’t change anytime soon! So for me, I found Perfectil has a positive effect even when you don’t change your diet too drastically.

Thank you to U Magazine for sending me out the product! The difference Perfectil made to my hair alone is my reason to keep taking it as part of my morning routine.

For more information on Perfectil, click here for their website.

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