Puerto Banús


This morning, between defrosting the windscreen of my car and covering my face in layers of thick moisturiser (to keep out the cold and office air conditioning!)  I realised that as much as I love winter and all the bundling up and rich food that comes with it, I’m ready for longer days, brighter skies, warmer temperatures…and covering my face with layers of coconut scented suncream instead.
I know people might argue with me and say, “Stop whining…winter is over, it’s spring time!” Yeah, but it’s early days. Spring always takes a while to get in swing! I’m very happy with today’s bright blue skies, but it’s a mere 2 degrees and higher temperatures might be too tall an order for Ireland just yet. To those who agree with me – we could be more realistic and have more patience, or we could book a holiday!

Above are some photos I took last October when we spent an afternoon in Puerto Banús, Spain. In my opinion, I don’t think there’s much to do there other than shopping, having a few drinks or lunch and watching the world (and the occasional party boat) go by. It photographs well though..and I never realised before how many statues are dotted around the place.
Seeing these images, I want to go back to Marbella. Maybe this April but right now feels like a good time to plan a little trip! I’m sure we’re all in the same boat? I have a friend who’s going to Jason Vale’s Juicy Oasis resort next month in Portugal. A whole week of juices, relaxing and yoga in paradise. It sounds amazing. Maybe next year!


Are you planning a city break? Or a weekend away?

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