A Perfect Start to the Weekend


This weekend was a particularly good one. I love filling my weekend with lots of relaxing things to do with family and friends to recharge and revive, so Monday mornings don’t feel so bitter (not that I actually really mind them!)
On Friday I took the day off work, as my Mam and I had a few things we both needed to do in town, so decided to make it a date. On Friday morning Dad took us out for breakfast. Breakfast on a day off always tastes so much better. We had fried eggs, rashers, thick spicy sausages..piles of toast with butter, and piping hot pots of coffee and tea.

After breakfast, Dad dropped us right into the city and we started with our least exciting errands, to get them out of the way so we could focus on the fun stuff. As we were walking up Dame street, the overwhelming smell of perfume and aftershave hit us. We followed the smell to Abercrombie & Fitch (I should have known..) and went in to have a peak. Without torches. We’re crazy like that. This was our first time in an Abercrombie & Fitch outside the U.S…I think the Dublin store opened while I was living in Spain so I genuinely forgot it was there, and it’s not a place I would normally buy things. I will admit their stores are always beautiful, it felt like a maze with the dimmed lighting and mirrors at every turn; plants lining the shelves filled with jumpers folded in perfect dimensions. The chandelier (above) was my favourite thing about the place. I couldn’t help taking a picture.

We continued through the rain, round the corner to Brown Thomas where I was on the hunt for a dress to wear to a couple of weddings I have coming up. I guess I’m at that age now…scary. We walked through the MAC entrance of the building where I decided to pick up a new lipstick for myself. More specifically, ‘Vegas Volt’ which I’ve had my eye on for a little while. Mam being Mam, she insisted on buying it for me – she loves to spoil me, as I know all Mothers like to do. Knowing how much I love macaroons she also wanted to buy some of them for me, but I declined – I wanted to be a good daughter and make her draw the line somewhere! When we went to the next floor to look at the dresses, she bought these Charbonnel et Walker champagne truffles for me, ‘as a change’ from macaroons. I love my Mam..and these truffles.


Look at them there…all powdery pink and delicious!

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 19.34.32

Back to the dress shopping.

Isn’t this Ted Baker Quetiaa dress beautiful? It was really heavy from all the tulle, but when I tried it on, it felt light as a feather and so comfortable. I don’t know how Ted Baker sizes work but the size I tried on was too small. I really loved the detailing and structure of the dress but I’m glad they didn’t have it in my size in the end, I don’t think I could justify spending that much on a dress. (I’m going to keep an eye out for it in the sales though!)


I started to get fussy after a while. No other dresses measured up after that one! We moved on for a glass of wine at The Bailey on Duke’s street. White for Mam, red for me. We were actually sitting near Samantha Mumba (remember her?!) I didn’t want to disturb her, but she looked gorgeous.


After The Bailey we headed for Zara on South King St for more dress hunting. Zara is my absolute favourite store, but nothing was fancy enough to wear to a wedding, so we went toward Topshop and Coast as it was close to The Shelbourne where we had a reservation for afternoon tea. Above is one of the handprints lining the entrance of the Gaiety Theatre. I walk by (and probably on..) these all the time but never take the time to read them all.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 19.35.28

I wasn’t expecting to, but I found my perfect dress in Coast! It’s simple and elegant without being too plain, and I think it’s very well priced. (It’s actually €200 now, not €230 as above.) With all we went into town for done and dusted, it was time to relax for the evening at The Shelbourne.

The food and service was fantastic. I think the pictures speak for themselves…


Fresh flowers in the lobby


Veuve Clicquot, Moët Impérial and Rosé


Egg & chicory, smoked salmon, goat’s cheese, tomato & fennel, braised ham


Blackberry mousse & apple purée, chocolate mousse with mango & passionfruit crème, pavlova with crème Chantilly and strawberries


Gingerbread, warm buttermilk scones, butter, clotted cream and jam


We had two glasses of champagne each (additional charge of €10 for an extra glass). The tea and coffee is unlimited and they offer a huge selection. Both the cappuccino and americano I had I couldn’t fault, and I’ve mentioned around these parts before that I can be very particular about my coffee…but who isn’t fussy about their coffee and tea?
Tried as we might, we couldn’t finish a lot of it so they wrapped up what was left for us to take home.


With full bellies and a happy Mother (this was her birthday present from me so I’m delighted she enjoyed it!) we headed somewhere closer to home for a glass of wine and a catch up with a family friend.

What a perfect way to spend a Friday!

For more information on Afternoon Tea at The Shelbourne, click here. We had seats by the window, which I would definitely ask for again.

For Bellinter House and The Westin Dublin Afternoon Tea reviews, click here.


Enjoy the week ahead!

♥ ♥ ♥