December Links


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I can’t believe it’s December! Diciembre! Décembre! Nollaig! Every year is going by faster and faster, it’s a little overwhelming. It seems like only yesterday that I posted my long weekend links. Despite the expeditious months, I’m really excited about Christmas this year. Last year I was really ill and missed all of it, which was such a shame. Even though I’m crazy excited, I’m quite disorganised this year. I haven’t bought a single present and the two most Christmassy things I’ve done so far are pour myself a very generous glass of Baileys with ice and updated my Mac with a festive wallpaper (like the one pictured above) courtesy of Wallpapers Wide.

In my defence, it’s only the 2nd, so I have plenty of time to watch Christmas movies, bake, bake and bake some more, read short Christmas stories and listen to classic festive songs snuggled up by the fire. I also plan on taking full advantage of all the Yuletide goings-on in Dublin this December, which so happen to kick off my links for this month.


1. Lovin’ Dublin have created a fantastic guide of all the festive activities which are guaranteed to have you in the Christmas spirit in our fair city this year. – Lovin’ Dublin


2. If you’re looking for some seriously unique and quirky gifts for friends and family, this site has some really cool stuff. The Breaking Bad, unicorn and Frida Kahlo badges are my faves. – Ginger Pickle


3. If you need to whip up a decadent dessert this season that’s both easy to make and looks absolutely flawless, look no further than this Hummingbird Bakery cheesecake. (If you plan on making it, I have a tip – make sure you use a really big mixing bowl. You’ll understand me later.) – ITV Food


4. Tania’s tumblr is my absolute favourite. It makes me feel as festive and cosy as a big ol’ cup of mulled wine. – Joy Felicity Jane


5. For those of you who aren’t celebrating Christmas or feel a little bit Scroogey, here’s an interesting article on things you shouldn’t do after you turn 25. You know, just to shake things up. – Refinery 29


And remember…it’s never too early to wear your Christmas jumper!


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