A Thursday of Throwbacks


1. Misty striking a pose. While being fuzzy…and great. /2. Cocktails in Nantes (Beirut song is now playing in my mind…) /3. Pamplona / 4. A little San Sebastian bar / 5. A barman’s attempt at a puppy / 6. Cruisin’ / 7. Pamplona / 8. Traditional Sweets at Gourmet Food Parlour / 9. A simple setting for a simple dinner / 10. San Sebastian by night / 11. Colourful Mexican salad / 12. Mr. Ernest Hemingway / 13. Another boat on the water / 14.  Our garden pond, complete with water lily / 15. Lots of pinchos in San Sebastian / 16. Heading through the mountains, with a windscreen smudge.  / 17. Fizzy, frothy beer

I’m doing an internet thing! I’m throwing back on a Thursday!

The organisation of the photos on my computer is just plain embarrassing. What I really mean by ‘organisation’ is that there is none. I fret at the sheer volume of faceless images, separated by a series of numbers and it frightens me! I rediscover things regularly, sometimes wondering where the hell it was even taken. D’oh. I’m a serious stationery fiend, a.k.a. list maker but renaming and sorting pictures just never makes the cut because let’s be honest..it could take MONTHS. So I choose not to..although perhaps it would make a good New Year’s resolution?

The few shown here are from a very large and very untidy file of pictures I took on our travels home and a few early days of my return. I have taken so much more since then; of food, travel, friends…I’m determined to write at least a few more posts on them all before 2013 is out or they’ll be hidden forever. In fact, some of the restaurants I can’t just skip over, in case just maybe you want to check them out for yourselves. Maybe.
I should also really make more time to write here. I’ve been pretty lazy though, in fairness. I’ve spent more of my time eating food, drinking wine, spending time with friends and family and generally switching off, which is certainly good for the soul…and good for Christmas practise.

Happy soon-to-be weekend, and to my American friends – Happy Thanksgiving!

 ♥ ♥ ♥