Christmas Day


Since Christmas Day is over, I should really tell Pascal to take off his hat…

I hope you all had a great day with friends and family and Santa was good to you! Our day was a lazy one, so lazy in fact that my pedometer app on my phone (that gives me an automatic update on my steps each day, don’t you know) tells me I did a grand total of 71 steps the entire day. Ha.
In my defence, I was in a constant food coma that just wouldn’t let up. No one has much of a chance of doing anything on Christmas Day after a big ol’ plate of tryptophanic turkey and three kinds of taters.


We woke up early and found three shiny piles in front of the fire, just ready to torn apart. It all got a little too much for Misty though – she couldn’t take the excitement and started biting everything, resulting in wrapping paper sticking to her tongue.


Here’s a tiny amount of what my sister and I received. We were totally spoiled as always. Books and Yonka stuff? Yesssssssss.


My sister is a complete Disney freak. She collects Disney Traditions figures and received the Beauty & The Beast one above.
One of her main gifts was a beautiful Disney tree ornament, dotted with Disney characters which are all hand painted. It plays Christmas songs and a little train goes round and round. She loves it and I know she’ll cherish it forever. It pleases me to see people who really enjoy their gifts.


After the first round of opening presents, we had a champagne breakfast, a tradition we started 3 years ago. It means we can have our Christmas dinner (aka the main event) a lot later and the morning isn’t crazy with rushing around. A lot of my friends tend to do this too. Do any of you guys?

Then at dinner, some mini stuff happened. Mini place cardholder, mini cheesecakes and I even won a mini tape dispenser in a cracker. Christmas: a big day, with little surprises! I’m rambling now, so I’ll leave you.

P.S. We watched The Muppets Take Manhattan. It’s been a while since I watched that gem. I was sad I missed It’s A Wonderful Life but this made everything better. That and Gonzo. He’s my fave.

If you were in work today, I feel for you. I was too. *Hugs*
Especially if you threw caution to the wind last night and decided to have a late and merry one, which you paid for today. Something I also did. *Double hugs*

Merry weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥