L’Occitane en Provence Divine Cream Launch


Wednesday of last week my Mam, sister and myself headed to a L’Occitane en Provence night at The Liffey Valley Shopping Centre for the launch of the brand’s new Divine Cream. Before we go any further…do you know how to pronounce ‘L’Occitane’? I just presumed it was somewhere along the lines of ‘Lock-ee-tane’ but the two ladies below who looked after us on the night helped us along, suggesting we give ‘Lox-eee-tahn’ a go.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 10.19.25

The brand’s Facebook page has answered the same question for those of us who don’t want to be left feeling a little clueless.


We were given a choice of rosé or Champagne, which the girls very kindly topped up when we were running low and were given a little talk on the new Divine Cream and it’s compounds, the most important ingredient being the pretty little immortelle flower. The immortelle flower never fades, even when picked. The oils of the immortelle flower have strong anti-ageing properties and users of the divine cream have noticed a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and felt their facial contours were restored. The cream also has a gorgeous light and floral scent, gentle enough without being bothersome so the scent wouldn’t become overpowering or sickening over a prolonged period of use.


After filling us in on the Divine Cream, we looked at all L’Occitane favourites, as guests at the event were treated to 15% off all the products in-store. I went straight to their Peony range, as I LOVE Peonies. By the time I was done perusing the store, I stank to high heavens of floral everything. In a good way of course!

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 10.04.17

Everything in store is of beautiful quality and incredibly natural. My sister and I have very sensitive skin (my sister more so) and everything we tried was gentle and caused no reaction. We both used the L’Occitane one minute hand scrub, which is an oil mixture of shea, sweet almond and grapeseed oils with sugar granules that makes hands soft and smoother in just 60 seconds. This was my favourite product, and after the scrub we tried out their award winning hand cream in the little grey squeezy tube, which I think is the product and packaging most people associate with the L’Occitane brand.


(They have plenty of manly products too!)P1030444

After spraying, rubbing and dabbing everything on the shelves we all sat down to have the new Divine Extract, Divine Cream and Divine Eyes applied. My face felt softer than it has in a long time and it looked visibly healthier. My Mam was a fan too – she loved the effect, scent and feel of the cream and bought herself a jar.

With glowing, healthy and smooth complexions (well it was true!) we were given our generous gift bags and headed off and did some shopping around the centre and finished with dinner in Nandos.


The L’Occitane gift bag* included:

Ultra Rich Shower Cream
Pivoine Flora (Peony) Beauty Milk
Fleur Chérie Bath & Shower Gel
I have yet to try these but they smell wonderful!


Dry Skin Hand Cream (This has been in my handbag since and is nearly gone, it has a gorgeous texture)
Cooling Hand Cream Gel


Crème Precieuse Precious Cream& Crème Precieuse Precious Night Cream – These don’t do much for my sensitive skin but I have only used both twice. A skincare regime takes time and patience so they may have an effect if I purchased the larger sizes and used them over time.
Essential Water – I have this bottle in my handbag as a refresher and it’s mild enough to use a few times a day.


Savon Bonne Mère  – How cute is this soap? I think it would make a gorgeous guest soup and it smells amazing.
Shower Oil – I have yet to try this but have recently seen it mentioned on Into The Gloss as one of Emily’s Fall essentials.


Included in the gift bag was of course a sample of the three Divine products. I have used all three in the sample three times and I’m so impressed with the effect it has on my skin and can see why this product is part of Harper Bazaar’s Beauty Hot 100 for 2013.
Although a jar of the Divine Cream is €82, a little goes a long way, the results are almost instantaneous and it primes the skin perfectly for makeup application.

Happy Weekend! X

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