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What is Burpple? It’s an app similar to Instagram where you can photograph your meals (we all do it!) organise and share these moments with other food lovers or simply keep an archive for yourself. It’s beneficial to you as the photo of food you’ve photographed and eaten somewhere, will be remembered forever by Burpple, in case you want to return and forgot the name of the eatery. It also connects food lovers across the globe, so you can share locations and recommendations in a whole host of restaurants in various different locations. Just click ‘What’s Good Nearby?’ and it’ll will give you a list of tasty food images and locations for your areas most tried and trusted. I’m sure it’s invaluable for hungry yet indecisive city dwellers.

As I no longer use an iPhone, I had to wait to download Burpple, which was only available a few weeks ago on Android. Although I’m still getting used to the interface, I think it’s a pretty nice idea. Hopefully it will catch on as I enjoy a good food presentation image…simply because at this moment, there’s nothing for Salamanca. Well, there’s one image. Uploaded by me. It was steak.

Will you give Burpple a try?

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