La Tagliatella Restaurant


The aftermath of a boozy nochevieja wasn’t pretty for many folk I would imagine. Myself and Niall included. My body didn’t thank me one bit for imbibing what it believed to be paint thinner, when it was really Salamanca’s finest vodka, at €4.50 a litre. I promised ‘my temple’ I would stick to wine and cava in the future, but it wasn’t convinced. What would cure this ghastly (self induced) feeling? I know it’s not easy to make a hungover person: a) wash b) get dressed c) move, but I have something..or rather somewhere, foolproof.
Since living in Salamanca, La Tagliatella, just off the Plaza Mayor is the perfect place for anything. It’s also perfect for catching up with friends and family, a pre night out feast or perhaps a first date. All those things aside, if you are enjoy all kinds of pizza, pasta, risotto, incredible desserts, excellent coffee..or if you are passionate about steak (I am!), this place is definitely for you. Every once in a while, I find a steak that I have to recommend to people, as a good steak has colossal effect on me. I know I’m in love when I feel sad when it’s all gone. Since the summer, this remains my favourite place for steak.


La Tagliatella’s decor is traditionally Italian but with a host of old advertisements and pictures on the wall. The atmosphere is incredibly relaxing and the staff are very welcoming. You can stay as long as you wish, no racing through courses. These friendly staff bring you a bowl of olives while you read the menu. Reading and nibbling is always lovely.


A snippet of the pasta menu –


The food is of the highest quality, with a huge selection – Salads, antipasti, lasagnes and cannelloni, risotto, steaks, fresh pasta, pizzas..even calzones have their own section. WARNING: It takes forever to decide! The wine list ranges from about €7 – €14. We ordered the Principe de Viana Tinto, the house wine, which was delicious. We started with the ‘Pane della tagliatella’ which is a must..focaccia bread with olives, tomato and onion.



We both went for the controfilleto/sirloin, cooked medium rare, or in Spain, ‘al punto’. Niall had four cheese sauce and I had oporto (port) y foie. It was cooked to perfection. Each time it’s presented, there’s something different on the plate. The third image is from an earlier trip. I can’t say much for the pasta but most people order it. The pesto, four cheese and mushroom calzone is absolutely perfect though, and my brother thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Salume’ which consists of tomato, mozzarella, chorizo, with a fried egg in the centre.






With over 130 locations, mostly in Europe and Asia (with three restaurants opening in the United States), La Tagliatella is not to be missed for price, incredible food and a great atmosphere. For more, visit La Tagliatella Espana or La Tagliatella U.S.

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