The moisturiser method

It’s the evening and you’ve just arrived home after a long day at work. You can’t wait to slip into your pajamas, take your makeup off and let your skin breathe. You open your bathroom cabinet and paw around, when all of a sudden you realise your bottle of makeup remover is dangerously empty, and probably doesn’t contain enough liquid to remove your full face of makeup, no matter how vigorously you shake. You thought it might stretch for one more evening, but you were wrong. You wish you were more organised, promising yourself you won’t let your preening products dwindle again, unless you find yourself penniless.

Either that, or in my case, your makeup remover is nowhere to be found. It’s gone, like the wind. It has somehow miraculously vanished while you were at work. (I still haven’t found it, and both Mother and sister deny all knowledge)

What to do, what to do. It’s not a pleasant experience when you have to leave makeup on. It blocks pores, dulls, exhausts and tightens the skin and for many the effects are clearly visible the next day. Having very dry sensitive skin the whole year round, I had to remove it with something…within reason, of course. I rooted in my cabinet and figured my best bet was moisturiser, as hand soap would definitely prove diasterous.

I wet a handful of cotton wool under the tap and applied Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser to my skin, using the cotton wool to clean my face. It worked incredibly well at removing every last inch of makeup! I first tried this method three days ago, and constantly forgetting to pick up makeup remover meant I continued with it all weekend. Today, to my surprise, my skin is glowing, and looks healthier than it has in a long time. Not even the tiniest bit of makeup was necessary.

I highly recommend it if you’re in a bind. What are some of your stumble upon methods that work for you?

♥ ♥ ♥