A Post and a Podcast

A new post!
A mirage! But also not really a mirage at all.

I often wish I was one of those really organised, impressively ‘together’ people, but I’m not. Actually, no…that’s not true – I live by to-do lists (handwritten only; typed lists sink ships) so I’ll be kinder to myself (namaste)and rephrase: I’m not on top of things when it comes to consistently posting here.

I’m lacking something. I’m lacking…CHUTZPAH.

With 2022 coming up on mighty us fast, I would like to revisit this space and post something monthly, at the very least. My old layout is gone too, and the new one needs plenty of sprucing up. Another project for the new year. Everyone loves a fixer-upper.

Those ambitious ambitions aside, I’m here to share my interview on The Nomadic Foodist Show from a few weeks back. They say you should do something every day that scares you (whoever they are) and I did! That day!
The interview was long, and we talked plenty. Like, a lot. Two hours’ worth of chats to be exact. I was also really nervous in the beginning and messed up a hyperbolic expression & pronunciation of things due to said nerves (here we go again with the awkward word vomit!) but HEY, I was on a podcast and that’s what matters. We often spend too much time inside our heads, don’t we?

Chris (of Nomadic Foodist) is such a good host, he’s friendly and encouraging so it all went swimmingly in the end.
We chatted about some parts of early life, how we both feel about food (spoiler, we love it), and of course, Granada. Food, traditions, places to stay, places to eat, all that fun stuff.
He asks really great questions, and I’ve learned a lot from his interviews with people from all walks of life, from all different parts of the world. Since my interview went live, there have been a whole lot more – Slovenia, Mexico City, Paris, Toronto, this guy isn’t messing around.

The Nomadic Foodist website is a wealth of delicious information, a handy guide when booking your next trip.
The podcasts are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Podchaser, and Amazon Audible.

Happy weekend.