Days of Our Lives

Days of our lives sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it?
It also prompted me to post this image. I couldn’t help myself.

Despite the dramatic title (I always was kinda dramatic. Still am) I just published a vlog on a few days in my life. 2021 lockdown (well, kinda ‘lockdown’, we have freedom…more on that in a second) and what I got up to over the course of a week. Not **too** much, but I find these kinds of videos soothing when I watch other people’s, and while I hadn’t planned on doing any vlogs for a while and writing a bit more around here instead, I’ve been pretty quiet lately, keeping more to myself and recharging batteries, and the concentration needed for editing has a refreshingly positive effect on my brain. As if a tiny fluffy kitten lived in there for a while.
Zen. So zen. Just like yoga, meditation, walks, reading, and journaling, there are so many avenues of chill out there, all you gotta do is grab one! Or several.

So. Current ‘where we’re at’ status. Bars, restaurants, and shops all open until 6pm. So while it’s not something I really think about during the working week (although working in coffee shops is always fun) it’s much appreciated on the weekend, to make afternoon plans, even if time does fly and you’re (sometimes) politely booted out just before 6, with a bill usually thrust under your nose around 17.30. You still wear your mask everywhere, no exceptions (that also goes for in the street and open-air places, which isn’t a thing in other countries. Weird) apart from when you’re sitting at a table to eat and drink. Tables are still spaced out or taped to keep distance, and now from 6pm, supermarkets are still open but you can’t buy spirits (those damn, dirty teens!) just beer and wine. Travel is within the province of Granada. For now, anyway.

And that’s the latest. I hope where you are, you haven’t lost your mind.

The latest vlog is below, hope you enjoy! I also did a two-parter on the first week of 2021, but never wrote a blog post about it. I’ll stick them underneath if you’re bored as heck and you love seeing my face!
Can you believe it’s been a year since all f this began? Well, since it hit Europe (poor Italy) and we all freaked. Deep.
We’ll get there. Day by day. Stay safe! X

OH. OH! I almost forgot! Happy International Women’s Day! ♥♥♥

How was the first week of 2021?

Part 2