WEEKEND VLOG GRANADA | TravelStyleFood Vlog 01-Christmas Lights, The Albaicín, Mexican Food & Lots of Celery Juice

Here we are, my very first vlog. I feel like changing up my content a bit and would like to dive deeper into showing you what Granada has to offer (among other topics.)
I’m only testing the waters though, just in case y’all come at me with fire and pitchforks.

My previous videos (many moons ago…) were edited by my super cool and patient sister (and I love her dearly for it) BUT I’m a grown-ass woman so I have to go ROGUE and do the filming and editing and all the sound thing-a-mo-bobbies myself.
I’m also scratching my head while writing this post as WordPress has changed a hell of a lot. What even is this? Why am I being tested?!

Oh, well. I’ll get used to it. I often wonder why we stubbornly resist change when our brains love it. Anyway, trailing off…AGAIN.
Hope you like the video. If you see me in the street, for the love of God, don’t hassle me! I’m a star now.

♥ ♥ ♥