Hicuri Art Vegan Restaurant, Granada

That right there before you is Hicuri’s tiramisu.

What a sight for sore eyes. A cloud of dreams; an almond ambrosia. Whipped up using almond milk, nuts, espresso and other dairy and gluten free fixings. Despite the fact that it’s made with non-conventional tiramisu ingredients, it gets a 10/10 for flavour and texture. How do they do it?

Something definitely worth mentioning before I begin – I am no vegan*. I could be classed as a half-assed herbivore, or perhaps a fleegan –  I can flee from a plant based life anytime I want. I wouldn’t really know the first thing about veganism, or indeed how to stay away from delicious juicy meat. I couldn’t imagine life without steak (medium rare, if you’re asking) and that applies to all pretty much all food groups. Bottom line, I don’t food discriminate. If it tastes good, imma eat it. There are no two ways about it.

*When I typed that, it totally reminded me of this.

So why am I writing about a vegan restaurant in the middle of Granada?

Because it really is one of the city’s best. I eat at Hicuri often simply because I enjoy it. The menu is excellent, well priced, varied. They use fresh, high quality ingredients. The restaurant (though more like a café) is bright, airy and comfortable and its walls are covered with colourful murals (as the ‘art’ in the name suggests). A very inviting place!
I have no pictures of the art to share, unfortunately. The café is small and was very busy that day. I didn’t want to start snapping pics of strangers! Not cool.
Hicuri is great if you’re alone, it’s great if you’re with company. The service is efficient, which I’ll admit can be difficult to find in Granada (that’s just the pace of life here) The staff are attentive, friendly and helpful.
If you come here for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’re sure to have a great experience. And that’s why I return. If it ain’t broke…well, I’ll let you do the rest.

Now let’s talk about the best part of Hicuri.

It’s not their toasts, muesli bowls, smoothies or juices or the fact that you can have coffee or tea with all kinds of milk – coconut, almond, soy, hazelnut or rice (although they’re all really good)
The best part is their menú offer.
You choose a starter, main course, dessert and drink (soft drink, beer, wine, juice) and bread and crudités are included for €13.80 per person. It’s available every Monday – Friday from 11am – 16.30pm. Ridiculously cheap and filling. I’ve never been hungry afterwards for the rest of the day, and always leave feeling light and satisfied. There are plenty of great options, and here’s what I tend to order:

A glass of house red or white, because, wine not? The homemade white and brown bread come with carrot sticks, olives and the most DELICIOUS garlic dip I have ever tasted in my entire life. It’s magic. I sometimes dip my fingers straight into the pot. I caught a server’s eye once while I was doing this and now I’m too embarrassed to ask where they get this garlic goodness from the gods. I just realised that’s reference number two to their heavenly food. Ambrosia? From the gods? This is purely for emphasis only, folks. I’m not vegan nor am I religious. Who AM I in this post? *Identity crisis alert* Just kidding.

First I start with their vegetable soup. Because who isn’t into a good bowl of homemade blitzed vegetables? With brown bread on the side, obviously. This particular day my soup took a little longer to come out as I’m pretty sure I was the only person to order it. The weather was in the low thirties and everyone else seemed to be starting with salmorejo (a cold soup from Cordoba) or salad. They were cooling down and I was heating up. It was tasty though. They make a good and hearty veggie soup. No regrets.

For my main course, I always order the same thing. Pisto con salchicas vegetales y patatas. Pisto (Spanish equivalent to ratatouille) vegan sausages and potatoes. The vegan sausages are surprisingly good, the tender slices of potato are well seasoned and melt in the mouth (I need to know what they doooo) and I really like their lively pesto with the added crunch of chia seeds.
On this particular Hicuri trip, I ordered their chocolate cake. It was really good, and the slice was a decent size too. I enjoyed everything from the ganache topping to the sponge and sauce, but it was no vegan tiramisu. If you find yourself at Hicuri, don’t miss the tiramisu! If you want a coffee to complement your dessert, most are priced at around €1.50. The value is crazy.

If none of the above is to your liking you’re sure to find something you’re into. How about vegan lasagne? Croquettes? Stirfry? They even have a vegan burger and chips.

Hicuri Art Vegan is located at 4 Plaza de los Girones in the neighbourhood of Realejo, Granada.

For more information, click here for their website.
July and August opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 11am – 16.30pm
Sunday: Closed

If you’re travelling in a group, it’s definitely worth booking a table in advance.

♥ ♥ ♥