Meetsies – Meal sharing comes to Dublin



Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a really lovely press brunch for the launch of Meetsies Dublin.  The concept first originated in Brussels a few months ago, set up by a team of Belgian and French foodies with the slogan, “Sharing food is delicious.” Meetsies provides a new way to eat home cooked food and meet your neighbour, a great way of socialising and meeting new people over a great meal in a friendly and local environment.


My first taste of Meetsies was hosted by Suzannah Korniotes, a very gracious hostess from Cape Cod with a serious talent for cooking! Suzannah is community manager for Meetsies Dublin, the community’s second cradle. Suzannah is perfect for the job – warm, friendly, and she looked after us all so well.
Brunch was great from start to finish. It was the perfect start to Meetsies here with brunch being such a popular weekend activity in Dublin these days! When we walked in there was a gorgeous smell of fresh coffee brewing. The atmosphere was great (and so was the music playlist, I loved it all!) and everyone was so friendly.


The selection of food was incredible and 100% homemade by Suzannah herself – homemade quiches, banana bread, yoghurt parfaits, and American-style pancakes. There was lots of colourful fresh fruit, homemade granola, and freshly squeezed orange juice for mimosas. Suzannah also made spanakopita, a savoury pastry made with spinach, feta cheese and onions – a delicious dish that comes from her Greek roots.


Soft and fluffy American pancakes. These were my absolute favourite! The varieties were blueberry and chocolate chip.

meetsiesdublinIt was so nice to sit down to a meal and chat with new people and enjoy a long leisurely Saturday afternoon. Meetsies appeals to all foodies. Whether you love to cook and would consider hosting a meal (guests can purchase a ticket online to attend your event based on the value you propose for your meal) or don’t see yourself as a cook but love to meet new people and socialise over dinner, Meetsies is a great resource. Other Meetsies options include cooking classes and takeaway options. You can enjoy a no fuss dinner in the evening by collecting a home cooked meal from another Meetsies member.

The official Meetsies Dublin launch date was Monday January 26th, and you can find out more at and at the Dublin Twitter and Facebook page, where upcoming Meetsies events will be announced.

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