My Thai Restaurant, Sandyford


Located on the ground floor of the very chic Beacon Hotel, My Thai follows suit in style with rich decor, soft lighting and a great atmosphere. As it was a Friday night, the restaurant, lobby and hotel’s Crystal bar were in full swing with people sipping on post work cocktails. I was invited by the Zomato team, who along with the very friendly Beacon staff welcomed us to the night with a selection of very interesting looking cocktails!


I had the very refreshing Zombie cocktail, which I’ll admit I was drawn to because of the glass. Soon after everyone arrived we went upstairs, cocktails in hand and were given a tour of the penthouse. I didn’t take pictures to keep it a surprise but some of the suite’s features include a standalone bathtub, spacious sitting room and two bathrooms.


We were then seated, armed with cutlery, chopsticks and balloon glasses of chilled white and rich red wine, ready for a Thai feast!


We began with trays of starters, loaded with meat and vegetable spring rolls, lightly battered calamari and chicken satay. The starters were my favourite – the batter and dipping sauces made the calamari just perfect. I was intrigued by the colours of the chicken satay as it wasn’t the conventional look I was used to in terms of colour and texture of sauce but it surpassed any satay I’ve had before. The staff were very attentive, clearing the table often to give us plenty of space and ensured our glasses were topped up between courses. Their uniforms matched the whole feel of the hotel and restaurant, sleek black blouses with a a delicate black net overlay. It’s all the little details of Fitzpatrick Lifestyle Hotels that make the experience so memorable.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 13.35.37burnercooking

After our starters the chef came out to say hello and told us we would be experiencing the My Thai Steamboat – the restaurant’s signature dish. Perfect for a group event, guests can get involved in tabletop Asian cooking. Two types of broth were delivered to our table with plenty of fresh meat, seafood and vegetables to liven up the broth. While our volunteers were putting their own spin on the soup, assorted Thai dishes were served – chicken, lamb, beef, duck, noodles and rice.


I had a bowl of miso soup and tried everything at the table. My favourites were the spicy lamb curry and I couldn’t get enough of the crispy roast duck, in a spiced honey, plum, lemon and chilli sauce. After an incredible feast and three different desserts – chocolate fudge cake, toffee cake and raspberry cheesecake, we took our glasses of wine to a the lively reception/lounge area where we sat on a four poster bed (which doubled as a very comfy couch) to enjoy the music, have the chats and let our food go down.

Thank you to the Zomato crew and the team at The Beacon Hotel for a wonderful night with great people!


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