Afternoon Tea at Powerscourt Hotel, Co. Wicklow


The story continues; I’m still on my quest to cover as many afternoon tea experiences as I possibly can. If you’ve lost count, I’ll jog your memory! This is number six. Number six was in the sticks; at Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow. I took my Mother as my plus one (like a good daughter) and enlisted my Father as driver.
Powerscourt Hotel is just under an hour away from Dublin. Although it was freezing that Sunday, it was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining the whole day long, right in the middle of January! This was very good news considering our afternoon tea backdrop would be The Great Sugar Loaf mountain; so views were clear and bright. I was really excited about this particular afternoon tea. I had wanted to try it for some time and with a little help from lady luck, I ended up winning the Powerscourt competition on UK lifestyle blog, The Prosecco Diaries. Sarah, the creator of The Prosecco Diaries is an event organiser; and her blog is an amalgamation of London soirees, health, beauty, food and drink (can you guess her poison?) Sarah works with really impressive brands, including Disney! Working with a brand like Disney is a dream of mine, so Sarah has fast become my go-to blogger for inspiration and adventures. You can check out her blog here.


The Powerscourt Hotel is huge. You don’t really realise the scale until you see the crescent shape in the distance when you enter Powerscourt Estate, and see the Palladian style architecture and countless windows that face the Sugar Loaf. Reception has a really high ceiling, which leads on to The Sugar Loaf lounge on the same floor, where you can sit back and enjoy the view.


Possibly the coolest teabag ever.


The sandwiches were almost too pretty to eat. There was roast beef with horseradish cream and rocket in little buns of brioche. We had cheese and ham on tomato bread, smoked salmon with asparagus and caviar on brown bread (possibly Guinness bread), and my favourite of them all…


Egg mayonnaise with a layer of cream cheese and sliced cucumber which really made the presentation. I ate this one as it should be eaten, with a knife and fork. Like a lady!


Scones were next. Two small ones each, which came with an arsenal of butter, lemon curd, clotted cream and different kinds of jam. When there’s a good selection like that I usually alternate between butter and jam, then clotted cream and jam and then lemon curd. You must cover all the bases…or deal with regret later! This is obviously why they give you two each, which really make for four tiny little mouse-sized plates to pile on all the different varieties of accompaniments at the scone buffet.


After a little break where I stared at the mountain contemplating life (as you do) and wondered if I could eat anymore; our server Róisín came by with the dessert trolley. Róisín was so chatty and attentive, and I knew I liked her even more when she said she felt like she was manning the sweet trolley on the Hogwarts Express.
You can choose two desserts each from the trolley. This is the first afternoon tea I’ve been to where I could do this, which is a very good idea, as sometimes there’s something included that I don’t like or there is simply so much food that something ends up going to waste. Since dessert was in my control, it meant that I could order different variations of my one true dessert trolley love; chocolate.


This is my Mother’s choice, lemon meringue. I’m sure it was lovely and all, and it looks the part.


But why have lemon, when you can have a dome filled with chocolate mousse?


Or layers upon layers or rich chocolate ganache? You’ll find that there are only three desserts pictured. That’s because we both went for the layered chocolate masterpiece. No self respecting human could let that go. I also liked the fact that it looks like Lego.


Satisfied (and a little curious) I went up a level to take some pictures to see things from overhead. I wouldn’t mind owning one of those lampshades! The hotel is beautifully appointed from floor to ceiling, it’s completely spotless and I would happily spend a weekend here exploring the grounds and enjoying the atmosphere in the lounge. The staff are lovely, as was the manager who came over to say hello.

If you’re in the area, I would recommend dropping in for afternoon tea or lunch in the lounge.
Afternoon Tea is priced at €35 per person, €48 per person with a glass of champagne or Kir Royale.

Powerscourt Hotel Website

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