The Dean Hotel – Boutique Hotel in Dublin Centre, Harcourt Street.


Yeah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking! I’m a little late with The Dean Hotel coverage. Well, as I say in many a post; better late than never, right? I stopped by Dublin’s most talked about hotel (in some time) for a tour at the beginning of December and well, you know how it goes from here. December is such a needy month.
I’ve been reminded of The Dean Hotel regularly since though. It guilts me on social media, reminding me that I should get around to posting about it. The neon sign in reception and dishes of all sorts at Sophie’s rooftop restaurant are regular stars on my Instagram feed. I can understand the appeal. It’s a cool place. From the moment I walked into the bar/reception area, I could see myself having a drink there. Or two, easily. This hotel is accessible to one and all, not just those looking for a bed for the night. So accessible to all that I’m still a little raw after hearing about Aaron Paul’s night out in Dublin last night. He stopped by The Dean, among other places, including 37 Dawson Street where I was, mere hours before. Friends, I am sickened. I would have loved to have met him…but who knows, maybe I still will someday! I’m not whimpering through a veil of snot as I write this or anything…


As I’m sure a lot of you savvy cosmopolitan folk have heard plenty about The Dean or have stopped by, this won’t be breaking news for your good selves by any means. For those who are a little behind like myself, I’ll share a little information about what you’ll discover, then allow the images do the talking!
The Dean Hotel is the latest development by Press Up, the team behind the design and set up of so many popular Dublin hotspots, including Bison Bar, The Clarence Hotel, The Liquor Rooms, Vintage Cocktail Club and a lot more of Dublin’s well executed playgrounds. The attention to detail and unique selling points that Press Up bring to their projects are worthy of admiration, and their work on The Dean Hotel is no different. As someone who promotes hotels online for a living, it’s my job to look for the stand out stuff, and I saw a lot of fresh ideas at The Dean. I do realise a lot of people are saying the hotel is a copy of The Ace Hotel in London, so I seem like I’m contradicting myself, but what I see The Dean as is the first of a new generation and style of hotels here in Ireland.

A lot of existing hotels throughout the country share the same décor, with the same cookie-cutter setup. They followed the same trend at the time, and now this is the new wave. We just didn’t make the same comparisons years ago with existing, established hotels as we didn’t have the same immediate access with the internet and social media constantly at our finger tips. That, and we probably didn’t care. Even so, if the hotel is strikingly similar to The Ace Hotel, both are certainly having their moment as a hotel slash hangout for the masses and I don’t see this as a concept with a short lifespan.

So…what’s good about the hotel? Well, there are 52 rooms in total. The room types are what make this quite a unique and affordable offering in terms of group accommodation, and one of its kind in Dublin at the moment. There’s the Modpods (small and cosy) Punk Bunks (bunk beds, as you may have guessed) Superooms (your standard twin/double room…these rooms are larger with more space than the Modpods and Punk Bunks) suites and a penthouse.

The rooms are very sleek, very modern and very…equipped. There is plenty of inspiring art (at its quirkiest) in each room and throughout the hotel, all of which are pieces by Irish artists. The artwork was a joy for me, and I don’t really notice much about art, if I’m honest, but these are the kind of artists that you look up when you go home. Each room is filled with snack trays, again all Irish made. More brownie points! The bathrooms are beautifully minimalist, with Grafton Barber products adding a shock of blue to the clean design. Mini Nickelodeon orange SMEG fridges feature in each room, and made me lust after one for myself. There is also a record player in each Superoom with a collection of LPs from Tower Records, another client of PressUp.
When I mention the rooms are very equipped, I mean that the PressUp team have thought about what the guest might need, before the guest even anticipates their desires. There are clothes steamers, so you can sort your creases out before a night on the tiles at Copper Face Jack’s or (hopefully) further afield. Reception also keep a collection of all those things you think you’ve packed for your stay but have most likely forgotten (Makeup wipes or Q-tips, anyone?) so you can rest easy knowing you’re well looked after.
The suites are beautiful and spacious, with long couches, huge bathtubs (in a prime position for TV watching) and each has its own balcony. You’ll also find a guitar and Marshall amp, if you feel like testing out your musical abilities after a few pints. If you don’t do this, you’re not normal.
Unfortunately I don’t have any penthouse house shots to share with you, as it was occupied at the time. I have no idea by whom, though. How annoying!

Stepping away from the bedrooms; the function room (equipped with a bar, naturally) is another great example of clean, minimalist design. The room is flooded with natural light and the doors in the centre of the room can be opened to create one long room, for all kinds of events or a wedding reception. Swings at the lift make for a nice touch and a bit of craic. Certainly a change from pressing the button repeatedly, which we all know does nothing.
While we’re on the subject of lifts, lets take one up to the top floor to visit Dublin’s newest restaurant.

The hotly anticipated Sophie’s is very chic with an excellent atmosphere…and I wasn’t even eating or drinking anything! Sophie’s offers panoramic views of Dublin, which isn’t too common around these parts. The only other 360 degree view offering that comes to mind is The Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar. The kitchen has glass windows so you can see the chefs in action (always a plus) the bar in the centre is a great spot for a pre-dinner cocktail, and they do brunch, the city’s meal du jour!

For more information on how you can sleep, work, eat, drink and play at The Dean Hotel on Harcout Street, click here to visit their website.

If you were at The Dean this weekend and happened to sniff chat to Aaron Paul, do tell. I promise to only hate you a little bit.



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