Christmas 2014

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Happy New Year! Well, nearly.
I didn’t take many pictures this Christmas. I covered a lot last year, and to be honest, the day doesn’t change too much…it’s still as lazy and indulgent as it ever was! Although we made a few tweaks this year that definitely improved things.

As far as the usual goes, we woke early, had a champagne breakfast and opened our Santa presents (yes, he still comes to our house!) Then we visited my aunt and uncle in the morning where everyone gets together, and cousins have a much needed catch up. We had Christmas dinner later in the evening, where we opened all the other Christmas presents under the tree; something we only started this year. We used to open every single present in the morning, half asleep in the sitting room, not really giving each one the attention they deserve. You know how it can be that early in the morning…bleary-eyed, groggy and not really all there. So it was nice to start a new tradition, opening gifts from friends and family at the table. It kept the excitement in the air and distracted me from the tryptophan powers of the turkey, which tried to coax me into a nap.Post dinner, we watched movies in the conservatory (Trading Places and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1) around the fire and made a dent in all sorts of sweets and biscuits between us, only moving to get more snacks or drinks.

Friends came for dinner yesterday. There were 13 of us, and we ate, drank and played Head’s Up; the usual family/friend gathering activities. The plate with the mountain of food is that of my ‘brother’ Kevin’s, who really can put away a lot. He has an insane appetite…monstrous, even!

I took so little photos this year that I didn’t even include any shots of dessert (so unlike me!) and I don’t think I even knew my camera’s whereabouts on St. Stephen’s Day. It was nice to take a break, and enjoy Christmas with my friends and family for another year.

I was beyond spoiled (as always) and received some very generous presents; the cosiest being a Dumbo onesie, complete with ears, trunk and a tail.

I hope everyone’s Christmas was all they hoped for, and I look forward to what 2015 has in store.


♥ ♥ ♥