Perfectil Beauty Event


Back in January 2014, I signed on with U Magazine to participate in a Perfectil Vitabiotics trial for 90 days. The  product looked great and I was excited to see what it was capable of! Perfectil is a vitamin supplement designed to complete your daily routine, and includes over 20 micronutrients to aid skin, hair and nail health.
I wrote a detailed product review with my experiences with Perfectil back in May; and my results with the product were excellent. The change in my hair was incredible..I wondered if the other participants had experienced something similar. Fast forward to July, and the Perfectil team were ready to share the news!
I was invited to a beauty event that would include a presentation on the trial results, including pictures and video clips we (the guinea pigs!) sent in with our progress during and after the trial.


The event was held at Ely Place in the most beautiful building. To be more specific, the event was held in the building’s courtyard, complete with giant chess, draughts, Jenga and Connect 4.



We drank beautiful brightly coloured cocktails muddled with fresh fruit, Absolut Vodka and soda water, and sampled healthy bites packed with vitamins and minerals which were just as delicious as they were virtuous!


We enjoyed a very informative presentation by dietician Aveen Bannon on all things nutrition. I picked up some great tips on what foods provide what essential vitamins and what to eat to ensure we have enough of the necessary daily intake.

The lovely Kate from Tropical Popical on South William St. (arguably the most popular nail bar in Dublin at the moment!) did my nails, as I watched the reveal of the Perfectil results. It was great to see the positive change in everyone’s hair, skin and nails – the product works wonderfully. 100% of participants said they would take Perfectil again.


My favourite healthy treat of the night – Avocado, sweetcorn, quinoa with chilli dressing. I sat in the courtyard with one of these and an ice cold cocktail, loving every minute!


Giant Jenga! Each block was actually a lot heavier than it looked..

Our gorgeous gift bags filled with beauty treats and healthy snacks. Oh, and more Perfectil!


Pictured above are the lovely girls behind it all. The Perfectil team were great – all so friendly and kind. They did an exceptional job looking after us. The night and the trial were a roaring success!

For more information on Perfectil, click here for their website, and here for the Perfectil Ireland Instagram.


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