The New Potato

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I love The New Potato.

It’s my new and most favourite website discovery, and I’m very much obsessed. I’m a goner. Never to return. I’m also pretty late to the party it seems, wherever I had my head stuck. I spent hours trawling through the ‘The Foodies’ section of the website the other night. Time flew.Thankfully there are a lot more articles and sections up there to keep me going, and posting is rather frequent, with a few top quality posts churned out daily.

I must admit, it has been a little hard to adjust to my newfound TNP ways. I’ll be working away, trying to get shit done and those chef interviews, shop the stories and recipes will beckon me. Fashion, food, beauty, food, food and food. An excellent ratio.
The New Potato is stylish, totally cool, and beautifully put together, and the Kosann sisters who founded the site (Danielle and Laura) are seemingly all those things too. I would loosely describe TNP as an Into The Gloss for all the fervent foodies out there. But just loosely, because what these sisters are doing is quite innovative.
I draw comparisons from Into The Gloss as ‘The Foodies’ section very much reminds me of ITG’s style; where writers, designers, bloggers models and actors are asked to describe things and products they like – in this case the theme surrounds their ultimate food day, favourite meals to cook, places to eat, favourite spot for cocktails, etc. The Kosanns also do all their own photography, much like Emily Weiss over at ITG.

So yeah, in short, this website is just flawless. I’m glad it’s out there. And kinda bummed that, you know..I didn’t think of it first!

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