I have a confession to make….

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…I am a hoarder.
I’m definitely a ‘just in case’ person when it comes to makeup…and skincare, perfume and jewellery but who’s counting! There is nothing wrong with having 6 coral lipsticks, enough brown eyeshadow to paint a wall and several different brands of eyeliner and mascara because on any given day, you need to be able to decide if you’re going with black or jet-black lashes. I mean, come on.
The collection I have now certainly wasn’t as hoardsome as before (ignore the seven Urban Decay palettes..judgy), as I managed to downsized significantly before Christmas to make room for shiny new loot. Yay me. Independent women can buy all this crap, AND we can throw it away too! YEAH! Liberating!

Hoarding and bra burning aside, I’m not the only one though, right? Surely all girls own this much cosmetic crap? Including several things that are almost, if not identical in colour? Please enlighten me!

I just wanted to get that off my chest.


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