My ideal necklace, a contouring kit, Mason Pearson alternatives, French macaroons, a Yonka facial and Sophie Dahl


I think the title of this post is probably my longest yet.

Let me elaborate…

If a necklace is short, I’m fussy about it. I don’t like when it sits in a severe ‘V’ shape, with a little gem or what have you sitting on the end, hanging from an eyelet. I prefer more of a ‘U’ shape. So for a long time now, I’ve been searching for the perfect and simple sterling silver necklace where the chain connects on both sides of the detailing (if I’m making sense!) so it sits nicely on the collarbone.
After lots of temporary cheap ones that were the perfect style but went brown or green too often, I finally found this sterling silver one from Black Tied on ASOS Marketplace. Black Tied sell some beautiful jewellery (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets..) which you can order from the marketplace or from their own website. This necklace I chose costs €20.52 (£18) and P&P was only €2.27. It also arrived ridiculously fast during the busy Christmas period – within two days, I had my new treasure!


Benefit’s Boing is my favourite concealer. It’s definitely worth the €24 pricetag…but when mine finally bit the dust, I decided to investigate the existence of some super concealer-contour hybrid for about the same price. I’m not giving up on what I think is the best concealer out there – I just wanted to try a palette with a range of different colours, as Boing is far too pale for summertime skin, and the darker ones can be used for contouring.
Anyway, during my search I found a video on contouring by Suzanne Jackson where she recommends the CrownBrushUK concealer palette and I was convinced. It’s only €21.24, includes ten shades and the texture would be easier to work with and blend. I’ve also had a Stila powder contour palette since 2008 and I feel it’s gone kind of…unsanitary. Don’t judge me!


I want a Mason Pearson brush. I’ll buy one some day, when I can justify spending over €100 on a hairbrush. I’d do it in a heartbeat if I didn’t lose hairbrushes all the time*. So for now, I’ve settled for this Denman alternative (that was less than €20) which many people say is as good as the real thing. It’s gentle on the scalp and does make my hair smooth and soft. These kinds of bristles apparently help to distribute the oil from the scalp to the ends of the hair, to keep hair smooth.

*This is my second one of these brushes in the past 2 months. I…kinda lost the first one.


I was spoiled this week. These macaroons came all the way from Paris! My very thoughtful friend Ash got them for me a few days ago while on a trip to Paris and London. She really is thoughtful, because she hates macaroons!

There was a vanilla one too, speckled with delicious little vanilla seeds. I ate it though. It was great. I couldn’t wait, and I always start with the vanilla one. Habit I guess.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 22.21.20 Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 22.21.42


Tomorrow I’m going for my second facial this month. Sometimes I don’t go for months and months at a time, so this is very indulgent of me! I’m going back for more because I’m a Yonka freak, and Jule currently have a great special offer. They have great discounts on all kinds of treatments for the entire month of January but it was the 40% off Yonka that got me. Jule have branches in Ashbourne, Swords and Malahide, so if you feel like treating yourself to glowing skin and have saved some cash during a quiet January, theres another week left to avail of the specials.


I received this Sophie Dahl cookbook for Christmas and I’m just about to start it, all cozied up with my pal merlot. I like reading through cookbooks like I would a novel, and I like what I see just from a quick flick through it. The photography is very sweet, the writing seems very entertaining and I’m looking forward to making my first recipe choice. It can be purchased at a great price here (free shipping too!) if you want to make something together. At the same time? That would be cool.

And so concludes a very long post title!

Weekend love to all x


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