Thomas Sabo Jewellery



Thomas Sabo, you charmer. You have certainly mastered the art of gift giving, and I’m suitably impressed. So impressed that I had to share my experience here and perhaps others will read this heads up if they’re considering jewellery for a special (and very lucky) someone.
Early last week, my lovely Mam made some not so subtle hints about earrings she wanted for Christmas.  She pointed out the very ones she wanted online, much to my delight because I hate crowds and I hate queueing. Online shopping is the way to go, and it makes Christmas that much sweeter! There’s also nothing quite like receiving a package or parcel, no matter who it’s for.


So here’s what she chose, the Glam and Soul hinged hoops in rose gold and sterling silver. Sleek, stylish and timeless. I ordered them on the website straight away, and simply paid the price for the earrings – delivery is free, and my order would be delivered by FedEx. Free delivery is always enticing, and the fact that I knew the little gems would be safe and sound, I was happy.

After four working days, the box arrived yesterday in all it’s glory. A very fast and efficient transaction. The box was also fairly large for a pair of earrings, because so much extra stuff was sent, at no extra charge.


Before checking out, I was given the option to select a greeting card to include with my order. The styles were beautiful, and I liked how they had Christmas and non festive options. I chose the card above because who wouldn’t want a card with such a chic design? You can also include your own message (which I did) which isn’t printed on the card but comes inside it printed on a smaller piece of card in case you change your mind. Or in case you decide that the card is way too nice to give away, and keep it for yourself.
This add on option was a nice touch and pretty obvious since you got to choose a card and message, but the rest of the gifts included simply showed a ‘€0.00’ sign on the checkout screen to indicate they were free, so I never thought much about them and figured they were just catalogues.

After I located the earrings, I opened a beautiful little black and white striped gift box, tied tightly with a black ribbon. Inside there was a striped kitchen apron with a very cute and kitschy book full of recipes for cookies and three cookie cutters, in the shape of a high heel, star and heart. A very sweet and completely free gift. Amazing! It didn’t stop there, however.


Also included was a shine cloth for the jewellery, gift bag and a sample of Thomas Sabo’s fragrance, Charm Rose…


…and the perfect 2014 diary complete with silver tipped pages and quirky illustrations by Jacqueline Bissett.


All these extra surprises are courtesy of the Thomas Sabo Charm Club and are included with any orders over €100 – a fantastic idea from the brand, and they make for an elegant and practical gift.

Offer is valid on all orders before December 24th.

♥ ♥ ♥