December Through The Eyes of The Galaxy


1.)  The Temple Bar / 2.) Beef & Guinness pie complete with a tiny pint of Guinness / 3) Candlelight dotted around the house / 4) A pensive Meems, taken by my sister / 5) Remembering (and missing) Spain with some Rioja / 6) One design of many I want on the walls of J.W. Sweetman’s / 7) Lindt for the Late Late Toy Show / 8) A glittering Christmas tree, distracting me from a toothache in the waiting room at the dentist yesterday / 9) Stephen’s Green shopping centre / 10) Jo’Burger with an old & soon to be married friend, Paddy / 11) Clery’s, all wrapped up for Christmas / 12) A bottle of wine from our very kind Chief Operations Officer / 13) My new little brooch for my new winter coat  / 15) Christmas lights from Penneys to make my room look more festive . Best €5 I ever spent! 15) Real Techniques brushes for a fraction of the price, which were ordered on Sat from iHerb and arrived from the USA on Monday. Many thanks to Sophie for the great recommendation!


Sorry if that title was misleading. Lolz.
I’m a bit of  an Instagram addict and if you follow me there, you’ll know I mostly post about food. I just can’t help it, it’s an obsession. Sometimes when I’m bored, waiting in a queue for something, I look at those images again and make myself hungry.
Other times, I just don’t bother with Instagram. Mostly when there’s  no food around. I take filterless photos on my Samsung Galaxy (which I feel is decreasing in quality where the camera is concerned..does that happen to your phone?) which aren’t always great but remind me of memories of the little things chances are I forget two weeks later.

So I’m putting a few here that I’ve taken so far in December, because this month is so freakin’ busy that I feel I have to set a little benchmark for myself of what has happened so far. That and when I’m really old and cynical I can stop by here on my iPhone 50 or Galazy S40 and remember the run up to Christmas 2013.

Do you print out your images and frame them, or take the lazy route and keep scrapbookesque posts or collections online?


8 days left!

♥ ♥ ♥