Long Weekend Links

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Monday night, 11.30pm. The long weekend has officially flatlined. This weekend I spent most of my time with friends and family, and was at home more than I usually would be on a long weekend as the weather was pretty wet and miserable. More time relaxing at home for me means more time in the kitchen and more time online. Here are some things I liked this weekend…

1. To cope with the howling wind and rain outside, I made The Novice Chef’s seriously comforting peanut butter & chocolate mug cake which turns out perfectly. I kicked mine up a notch and drizzled caramel sauce on top too. – The Novice Chef
2. Refinery29 cover some pretty good Halloween costume ideas, inspired by current favourites in TV. At least everyone will know who you are! – Refinery29


3. While this is part of my regular makeup routine now, Emily’s amazing dotting tip really helped to hide the effects of my busy week on my tired eyes when I went for drinks with friends on Saturday night. – Cupcakes and Cashmere


4. Tired of the same old cereal, I made Fitsugar’s Apple cinnamon quinoa breakfast bake to change things up a bit. It’s inexpensive, filling, delicious and a warm slice in the mornings with cold natural or greek yoghurt on top feels pretty fancy. This recipe will last you six mornings and travels well if you prefer to bring your breakfast to work. – Fitsugar


5. Sometimes when I follow American recipes (like the bake above!) I literally use any cup for measurement, or sometimes convert into millilitres or grams. Not anymore, since I picked up these heart-shaped cups from Tiger a few weeks ago for €3. These spoons were new for October, so they’ll be around for a while I’m sure. – Tiger


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