Da Bruno, Cabopino


For our second night in Marbella, we quickly decided on Da Bruno which is just down the road in Cabopino, a few short minutes from our resort. This Italian restaurant is a firm favourite of mine, due to the gorgeous setting, great atmosphere, impeccable service and of course, the incredible food!


We had a couple of pre-dinner drinks at the apartment while we gussied up in summer dresses and sandals. We knew this would be our last week to do so before packing them away until our next (hopefully!) Irish summer, so we made the most of it! My 1940s style dress is from Primark and I just love the cut-out panels at the neck. It’s as light as air and I will admit, I wore it more than I probably should have on our week away! Back to the main event…


Da Bruno is located on the roundabout exiting Cabopino, so you don’t actually enter the port itself, but there are plenty of other bars and restaurants on the seafront mere seconds away located in the other direction if you feel like checking it out for after dinner drinks or for dinner another night if you like the area. We asked the receptionist at the Alanda Club to reserve a table for us, as this place is nearly always busy.
Da Bruno is owned by a very nice couple who you’ll sometimes see popping up in the restaurant to greet the customers. If not, you’ll find them on the front of the bottles of wine that have their place on the restaurant’s wine list, direct from their vineyard. The red is actually very, very good and certainly worth a try.
When you arrive at the restaurant and walk under the brightly lit green sign, you’ll see trees and plants dotted with fairy lights and hear the sound of water lapping in the little streams lining the bridge where you step up to the restaurant. The Maître D with enviable long and glossy dark hair gave us a warm smile and showed us to our table. If you like, you can take it all in before settling at your table with some people watching and apertifs at the hexagonal bar or the couches nestled in the corner.

We went straight for the table and therefore the food..


Normally I go for their sizzling hot Prawns Pil Pil but this time I went for the Gourmet Dish – Vitello Tonnato, caprese salad, carpaccio and prawn cocktail. Whether alone or together, everything was full of flavour. I enjoyed the change, but their Prawns Pil Pil can’t be beat!


My Mam went with her usual, Da Bruno salad – chicken breast, grapes and pine nuts.


For her main, she was in a chicken kinda mood, so went for the grilled chicken breast with rocket and Parmesan cheese. The chicken is pretty much beaten flat and thin, with thin curls of Parmesan and rocket. The image above is actually Chicken Parmigiana, which is breaded chicken with mozzarella and tomato. I took the photo excitedly before the waiter realised his mistake and apologetically whisked it away. Within minutes, Mam’s dish was with it’s rightful owner.


I myself was in a steak kinda mood, and ordered the Rossini fillet steak – medium rare with foie gras. Although it’s an Italian restaurant I really enjoy, I never took a liking to pasta so I usually go for steak, fish or pizza here, all of which are pretty damn good, especially Da Bruno pizza.

We finished off our wine, followed by a Baileys on ice as dessert would have defeated us. We found such joy in the fact that we could sit outside in our summer dresses, enjoying the balmy night air.
A perfect second night in one of our old favourites!

More information on Da Bruno Cabopino can be found here.

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