Wise words


We’re halfway through the week! It’s nearly payday! A weekend of fun is on it’s way!

I came across this quote today on my break. It caught my eye and when I read it, I had to save it, so I could re-read it later. Do you ever get that with quotes that appeal to you more than others in a personal way? I find I have to gaze at the words and let them sink in to either remind me of something I do which I feel I should improve on, or  the words inspire me to consider something I have never thought of before. This could be either how I think about things or how I do things.

This quote stuck with me (and maybe with a lot of you guys too?) because I am literally guilty of all three! So I thought I’d post it today so I know it’s here, in my little piece of the web, to remind me to be a little wiser with my actions which tend to be quite impulsive.

Tomorrow I have my first intercambio meet up with a girl called Ana. I have been chatting to most of the Spanish girls and guys I have met through Conversation Exchange via Skype and Whatsapp while I’ve been a little short of both money and time. Tomorrow however, I’m starting the first of many language exchanges and (hopefully) friendships!
To end my evening, I’m heading over to The Green Hen on Exchequer Street to meet my very good friend Katie for wining, dining and lots of catching up. The Green Hen claims to serve up ‘French food with an Irish twist’ which I’m looking forward to try. Katie also says the white chocolate and vanilla pana cotta is amazing, so I think I’ll have to try that too.


Have a lovely Thursday!

♥ ♥ ♥