Queen B Teatox/Detox Review



Last minute panic about wearing a bikini can set in for many at this time of year, so it’s only natural to do some research in order to find a quick fix in the hope that it will make you feel a little more comfortable so you can truly relax on your holiday.

Since the beginning of summer, I have seen the Queen B Teatox popping up all over the internet, accompanied by images of happy customers looking less bloated, healthy and generally smaller around the middle. Although I exercise a few times a week and like to follow the ‘everything in moderation’ way of life, clearer skin and bloat free sounded good to me. For this teatox you only drink one tea per night before bed while continuing with your usual diet, so I figured, ‘what’s the harm in giving it a try?’

Unfortunately, this tea provided a bad experience for me. This review highlights the effects of the tea and my experience with the company  – if you’re looking for results or before and after pictures, you won’t find any..but I do suggest you continue reading if you’re considering a teatox.
Originally I wanted to complete the 14 day teatox and write about my results, but with so many girls and women out there ordering like crazy in peak bikini time, I couldn’t wait. I hope you read this first before you may risk wasting your money.


First of all, two weeks of Queen B Tea is $26 AUD, + $10 flat international shipping rate. That converts to just over €26 for some tea, so pricy enough.

I made one order of tea, but due to a fault on their website (the page went totally blank for me during purchase) I checked my email, saw no confirmation, so I went through the process again. The transaction went through but then I noticed I was charged twice, billing me for two separate orders.  This happens from time to time with online transactions, and if this ever happens to you and you detect it immediately and contact them, know that you are entitled to a refund of the dupe transaction, always.

The website also states that once your tea is shipped, you can’t get a refund, no matter what…but when your order confirmation comes through, your (automated!) shipping confirmation comes through with the exact same time stamp.

When I tried to contact them via email (my first step)/facebook/twitter/instagram I was ignored, like many other customers. The Queen B keep updating their social networking sites with whimsical quotes and success stories but completely blank concerned or questioning customers, many of whom haven’t received their tea six weeks after ordering. Another red flag for me.

I ended up contacting PayPal directly, who gladly refunded one of the transactions. When the owner of Queen B finally got back to me three days later (with no apology) she told me I couldn’t have a refund for the second charge, caused by the Queen B website.  I explained how my experience of the company was most disappointing and how the experience made me feel there was a complete lack of professionalism. She must have noticed PayPal emailed her shortly after concerning my already completed refund on one of my orders as she then replied saying she was glad I got my money back.
Between expensive tea and inexplicable potable charge, I felt I was overpaying for what I received.


The tea comes in paper bag in an envelope with directions. The directions state you should drink one cup before bed. Once you add boiling water, it can sit from anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

It smells and tastes very subtley of spices and on my first evening, I let it sit for two minutes. That night, I couldn’t sleep with crippling abdominal pains, which continued well into the next day. The website does say you could feel ‘light stomach movement’ but if you have work the day after taking it, prepare to be exhausted and in a lot of pain.

I felt lethargic all day, despite eating well (what I could manage) and drinking plenty of water. The lower abdominal pains persisted and later on migrated to my upper abdominals too. Just under my ribcage felt tight and  as I previously mentioned, which I felt caused the lack of appetite.
I had a friend over for dinner last night and I felt zapped of energy and sadly couldn’t eat more than a few mouthfuls of everything. Alcohol is also a no go, the burning sensation that manifests in the stomach combined with the effects of the tea made me feel very uncomfortable.

I decided not to continue using the tea. Although my first cup was Tuesday night, my upper and lower abdominals and upper back are very tight and uncomfortable.

If you are considering doing this teatox, feel free to consider my experiences. Although everyone is different, I won’t be trying such a product and would rather spend my money on a lunch on a terrace somewhere off in a distant land!
I’m still feeling the aftermath of one cup and nothing should interfere with your diet and your ability to function as a human being as much as this tea does.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, I personally find that drinking more water, exercising, reducing carbs and salt slightly make a huge difference.

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