Turning 25


June 7th is my birthday. Two weeks ago, I turned 25. Eep! The last four years flew; I can still remember my 21st party as if it was last summer. This year (like every other year) I was spoiled rotten. My brother and sister flew over to visit from Dublin, we went for meal after meal, having cocktail after cocktail, and of course I had to have my new favourite – gin, cucumber and elderflower many times during their stay.

This post is a glimpse of little birthday details – I loved how colourful the weekend was! I got plenty of gifts, including the old but still very beautiful Topshop boat dress that Niall picked up on ebay as part of my presents. It sold out pretty fast a few years ago and I have wanted it for my very own since.

My very generous friend Amy called to the apartment armed with cava, a gorgeous Mango bag and a selection of colourful macarons from a little bakery here that were so good, Ladurée would be proud.

Thank you to my wonderful family and friends for yet another special birthday!





H&M summer dress.


♥ ♥ ♥