Tía Tula – Spanish School Salamanca


When you move to a different country and totally immerse yourself in a new language, you pick up a lot at a very fast pace, without even realising it. There’s much more to learning a language without the aid of textbooks and classrooms.
Although I studied Spanish for five years in secondary school, I picked up so much more from conversing in bars, chatting to the locals as well as a heap of Erasmus students from all around the world on nights out and parties. It has proved to be invaluable practice, as we all have Spanish as a common ground.

Although my understanding of a fast paced accent has improved significantly and I have found it easier to converse with many, I felt my grammar needed a little work. This is where the textbooks come in. Speaking in the present tense then pointing backwards or forwards with my index finger wasn’t going to cut it forever! While I retained a lot of grammar and vocabulary since school, I did some research and enrolled myself in Tía Tula, a Spanish language school for two weeks to add some structure to my Spanish.

Although the two weeks came in at over €300, Tía Tula was the perfect choice. It’s right in the heart of the city with plenty of cafés and shops nearby, with room inside the building if you want to lock up your bike. Lots of students rent bikes at reasonable prices in Salamanca – it’s the best way to get around.

Tía Tula is on the first floor. It’s small and intimate, so you feel comfortable instantly. You’re greeted everyday by very friendly and helpful receptionists, who will help you out if you want to go to any of the after class activities such as sightseeing, boat rides and cooking classes – there’s something on Monday to Friday every week.

Making croquetes and sangria with the other Tía Tula students

Tía Tula has about 4 or 5 small classrooms. You level will be determined before you begin and you feel like you’re part of a little family. No class has more than 10 students and all the teachers are incredibly helpful and nice.There are also PCs with free internet, vending machines and of course, bathrooms! The course fees include a textbook, folder with plenty of information about the school and the city of Salamanca, as well as a student card so you can avail of discounts throughout the city.

After two weeks I found I learned a lot more in terms of vocabulary and grammar and speaking in Spanish for four hours straight everyday really helps your confidence with the language.

Tía Tula also arrange accommodation if necessary. Most courses within the city are the same price per two weeks but Tía Tula seems to get the best feedback. Many people come to Salamanca to learn Spanish as Castilian is perceived as the clearest form of Spanish when spoken and the easiest to understand – many students in attendance last week were from China, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Brazil and other regions in Spain.

For more information, you can find their website here.


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