The Aeropress


Gift-giving is great. Especially when you know a person well enough to know the types of gifts they will thoroughly enjoy, and even better, that they get good use out of them. The Aeropress has fulfilled these requirements for me twice now, the trusty little thing. I first bought this little espresso/coffee making device for Niall’s birthday a few years ago, then for my Dad (another coffee fanatic) this past Christmas. Both use it daily, both love it, and I have to agree. The Aeropress makes great filtered and versatile coffee. Espresso can be made in 30 seconds. You can top up your freshly filtered coffee to create an Americano, mix it with milk for lattes or use it for a perfect iced coffee.

The Aeropress is also only around €30.00, comes in hundreds of filters, is incredibly travel friendly and because the coffee is filtered using pressure, there’s hardly any cleaning involved. Since moving to Salamanca, I really miss having a Nespresso machine. Coffee is great here, everywhere you go…but working from home means I need an in-house solution, which involves the Aeropress and a bag of ground coffee.



I will admit that seeing what comes in the box (mug not included!) frightened me a little bit, so all this time, either Niall (and more recently, Dad) have been making my coffee for me. They always offered, and I never said no! Recently, I decided to give it a go myself, and it turned out perfectly. I was apprehensive lazy for no reason at all! Anyone can do it, and I highly recommend investing in one. Below is how I use the Aeropress, to make an Americano.

Place a filter into the bottom of the numbered tube (I’m sure it has a better name!) and then place it on top of a regular sized mug.


Put one scoop of ground coffee into the tube (you can put the funnel on top to keep things neat) and pour boiling water into the tube. I usually fill it between 1 and 2.



Use the stirrer to mix the boiling water and ground coffee.


Insert tube 2 into tube 1..and apply pressure to brew the coffee. You’ll hear coffee dripping through the filter and a plunging sound. Very satisfying.


Top up with boiling water for an Americano. Add milk…the usual. Unscrew the bottom cap and you can simply pop out the coffee you just used over the bin, rinse the tube and stirrer and everything’s ready for next time. Go Team Aeropress.

You can buy the Aeropress and replacement filters at Amazon.

♥ ♥ ♥