Bacon and Egg Pie


Do you need to harmlessly manipulate your Father/brother/boyfriend/male friend? Perhaps you need a favour? Or maybe you just want to treat the men in your life to something nice. Whatever the reason, it’s easy as pie.

How sexist! some may think. Women love pie and bacon AND eggs too! This is true, I do love this pie. It’s fast, comforting and perfect at any time of the day…yet I have no problem waiting for it to cook and then take it’s time cooling off. However, each and every time I make this pie in the presence of a male, they hang about the kitchen excitedly, normally consume several slices and think I’m extra great…which usually lasts the rest of the day! The effect this pie has on a male is far greater.

Between preparation and cooking time, the whole thing takes 25-30 minutes. I will admit, I’ve become a little lazy over the years and now buy pastry instead of making my own..but it really is far, far quicker. This will leave you with more favour asking/praise time.
Depending on the size of the pie, you will need either a quiche dish or loaf tin. I only have a loaf tin at the minute, so that’s why I had to adjust sizes, but if you use a quiche dish, it will obviously serve far more.
The great thing about this pie is that it actually tastes just as good, if not better the next day. So leftovers are no problem.


Puff Pastry (1 pack for loaf tin, two packs for quiche dish)

1 packet of smoked bacon

Eggs (3 for loaf tin, 6 for quiche dish!)

Butter for greasing


Preheat oven to 180C and grease your tin/dish. Carefully unroll the pastry. If you’re using the loaf tin, you can cut the pastry in half, which will be the base and top of the pie. If you’re using a larger dish, use one packet for the top, one for the bottom. Cover the bottom and the sides of the dish/tin with the pastry.


Crack each egg right into the dish/tin on top of the pastry, being careful not to break the yolks. When you have cracked enough eggs to cover the base of your dish, it’s time for the bacon.



Gently cover the eggs with slices of bacon. I used American bacon, but you can use lean maple cured rashers/bacon and cut the fat off if you like. Since the bacon is salty, there’s no need to add salt, but you can add pepper if you like.


Cover the bacon and egg with the other half of the pastry, pressing the sides with a fork to seal the pie. Place on the  middle shelf of the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes, or until the pastry looks golden brown and flaky. To ensure the egg and bacon are cooked, stick a knife into the middle of the pie and if it comes out dry then its ready to go. Let it cool for 5 minutes and serve. The below picture might look a little gross, but it tastes great! Serve with a big mug of coffee or tea. Some like it with a cold beer.



♥ ♥ ♥