Three weeks to the day


This day three weeks, I will be heading off for an entire year to live in Salamanca, Spain. The opportunity couldn’t have presented itself at a more perfect time. I completed my Journalism & Visual Media degree in May of this year, and since the beginning of summer, I have taken on a new role at work, which I can do from anywhere in the world, with incredibly flexible hours. Things couldn’t have worked out better.

I sorted my apartment last month (Spanish prices are ridiculously cheap), which is only seven months old. Everything is in perfect condition and incredibly modern. I also have a patio, accessible through the kitchen, and occasionally the shy little dog that lives next door noses some meat through the bottom of the patio partition that separates us. He likes to share.

I have decided to give flying a break and take the ferry by car instead, driving from Cherbourg port to Saintes, then Saintes to Pamplona and finally Pamplona to Salamanca.

I started my last blog when I studied in London for a year, pursuing a future in fashion journalism. Although I was disappointed with the problems I’ve had lately with the new Blogger layout, leaving all my posts behind to start afresh using WordPress, I’ve warmed to the idea, as it seems to have also occurred at the perfect time!

New city, new blog.

♥ ♥ ♥