Hello, friends.

I’m Emma! I’m from Dublin, based in Granada, Andalucía, Spain. I’m also a Gemini..if you’re into horoscopes. My life revolves around food, coffee, and an excellent margarita.

I like to try a lot of things – I studied journalism & visual media, marketing; dabbled in a little business and law, tourism, some fashion…
Currently I’m the PPC account manager for In1 Solutions Ltd, and handle online advertising for many hotels nationally and internationally. In my spare time, I like to write here!

I started my first blog, Clementine and Lace in 2009 as part of a first year fashion journalism assignment at UCA Epsom and it contains some of my articles. A few years later I became interested in blogging again, so I launched Travel Style Food. A totally different blog with a new name to mark my fresh start. And here I am! You’ll find quite a variety of topics here – travel, beauty, books, lifestyle, reviews…but mostly FOOD. Mostly because food is my one true love, forever. I have an insatiable passion for anything food and restaurant related, so you’ll find a lot of that around here. That and rambling. Lots of rambling. And Oxford commas. I like those.

Please do say hello. I won’t bite, unless you’re a sandwich. You can contact me at travelstylefood@gmail.com, or via the buttons on the right.

Many thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my posts!


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Do you accept sponsored posts?
Yes. Once the content fits well with the site and I feel it’s something readers would be interested in then absolutely. If you would like to work together and think we’d be a good fit, please email me on travelstylefood@gmail.com!

Do you accept guest posts?
Although I have featured some guest posts in the past, I won’t be featuring any for the moment.

NOTE: As of October 2013, any products or services that have been gifted or comped for review purposes will be marked with an asterisk (*) If you would like to consider me for product or service review which you feel would be a good fit, please contact me using the email address above.

I will always give my honest opinion on every topic covered here. After all, my blog, my rules!

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  1. dainushka says:

    Hi, there! Nominated Your blog for a “Very Inspiring Blog Award”. In case you want to participate, check out the rules here: http://thingsstuffnecolove.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/very-inspiring-blog-award/

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Em…love your site. Why did I not hear of this before? Where have u been all my life? Hope you have a great weekend n have lots of yummy food….share! Lots of luv, Hemmen xxx

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